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Danphe's birth story

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

I visited visited Shree Janavikash Secondary School during our trip to Kathmandu Nepal in December 2018 along with my husband and two boys. When we asked if the school needed any help, the principal pulled out a long wish list. My sons were looking forward to donate some of their savings they had put aside from their monthly allowance they had earned through their chores around the house and other savings. It wasn't much to make any meaningful impact. So we decided to match their contribution 200% to help buy winter clothings for the primary school students. We were glad to be able to help but came back feeling that much more was needed to be done to support the school in a sustainable way.

I had been following and supporting the blog "Stories of Nepal" for over a year now. The heart breaking stories of people in villages who are suffering despite their hard work due to lack of market access for their products always made me think only if there was way to connect these people to global markets. A platform like this would make a tremendous impact not just to the families but to the entire villages.

Even better would be to package these products with meaningful message that people could gift their loved ones. The proceeds of the sale could then be used to fund schools like Janavikash. With one purchase, a buyer could impact three parties - the vendor, the benefactor and the gift receiver. Thus the idea of Danphe was born.


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